A.roma: About

Gathering plants for distillation near Sedona, AZ in June of 2018. Photo credit: Jade Shutes.

I had had a passion for plants as a child and continued to seek out nature as much as possible when moving to NYC in 1999 (e.g., hello Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and planters on my fire escape!). After a fulfilling career in market research, I decided to pursue what is closest to my heart: plant-based, well-care modalities. In 2012 I became fascinated with and interested in pursuing an education in aromatherapy. After being self-taught I was lucky live close to the New York Institute of Aromatherapy (NYIOA). I earned my level 1 and clinical aromatherapy certifications from the NYIOA in 2015 and 2016, respectively. From there I opened an in-home practice. I am honored to share that I was a teacher at the NY Institute of Aromatic Studies (formerly the NYIOA) from 2017 to May of 2020 where I taught certification courses and created workshops and short-form classes. Words cannot express how much I LOVE sharing this information and interacting with the amazing people that came to the school!

In 2017 I studied herbalism under the brilliant and hilarious Michigan-based jim mcdonald. To-date I pursue knowledge and a relationship with plants through the Western Herbalist tradition and consider this a lifetime journey.

Distilling. Ah….yes. You may often find me distilling aromatic and non-aromatic plants in my garage for their therapeutic-distillate waters. Interested in a one-on-one experience? Get in-touch!