A.roma: About

Gathering plants for distillation near Sedona, AZ in June of 2018. Photo credit: Jade Shutes.


Amy Anthony has had a passion for plants since she was a child and became interested in aromatherapy as a practice in 2012. After being self-taught she is lucky enough to live in NYC where the New York Institute of Aromatherapy (NYIOA) opened its doors. She earned her level 1 and clinical aromatherapy certifications from the school in 2015 and 2016, respectively. She then opened an in-home practice and teaches at the NY Institute of Aromatic Studies (formerly the NYIOA) where she brings the healing properties of plants to individuals and small groups through education and customized delivery methods.


Amy studied herbalism in Michigan under the wonderful Jim Mcdonald in 2017 and continues to pursue her knowledge and relationship with plants through the Western Herbalist tradition.

You may also find her distilling aromatic and non-aromatic plants in her garage for their therapeutic-distillate waters. Just for fun.