Connecting Energies: Aromatherapy & the Chakras


This intensive class offers an approach to working with essential oils and the chakras as well as introducing several activities through the 3 hour video class.



Good health is promoted when energy flows whereas stagnation promotes sluggishness and dis-ease. A core law of energy states: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It transforms from one form to another.” This video-based experiential workshop presents several exercises and a way for you to choose essential oils to work with your chakras in order to promote movement and balance—one of the great paradoxes of aromatics.

This class first emerged when I was teaching at the NY Institute of Aromatherapy as a 3 hour in-person workshop. From then it grew to a 6 hour in-person experience! This online version of the workshop gives you access to the ideas and “meat” of the whole experience from the comfort of your home.

Look forward to having access to:

  • A 3-hour video where I guide you through the class
  • A PowerPoint presentation which covers all the material shared in class
  • A workbook and materials list to help you prepare for the class

Once the class is purchased you may access it at any time as you will have opened an account and you will be registered in the class.

After going through the class, you will walk away with more tools to have at your fingertips for navigating through this beautiful world.