In-person Consultation (75 minutes)*

I practice from my apartment, an aromatic oasis, which is located near Union Square in NYC. Crystals_Bowls

Each session focuses on you: self care. We discuss your goals and concerns which bring focus as to which essential oils may be chosen to create your unique blend.

You are engaged in the process and help determine what product your oils should be put in: a spritzer, roller ball, cream, aloe-base product, bath salts to name but a few of the myriad options!



Each consultation includes:

  • A fresh herbal tea: I always serve filtered water and a fresh herbal tea such as ginger and cardamom, rose and saffron or milky oats and lemon balm.
  • Your customized aromatic plan, which includes one (or more, if applicable) aromatic product that will be given to you either at the end of, or a few days after the consultation. I prefer to let blends sit (a.k.a., rest or synergize) a few days as the aroma profile settles–part of the chemistry of it all!
  • A 10 minute aromatic experience: your special blend of oils is diffused as you enjoy a warm foot bath in a copper foot tub while you are sitting in a candle-lit room.
Each luxurious foot soak incorporates magnesium salt, a hydrosol and crystals. Photo credit: @liam_dom.

Hours: By Appointment only. Monday through Friday evenings where the latest start time is 6:45pm. Daytime sessions are also available.

Session fee: A 75 minute session is $120, but I accept less.  No one is turned away for financial reasons.

Follow up sessions are available and last 50 to 60  minutes. This includes the aromatic foot bath and diffuser session. A follow-up consultation is $60.

Workshop (60 to 90 minutes)*

Have Amy lead a workshop where you and a small group (4-6 attendees) will have an overview of aromatherapy and create a product that attendees will take home with them. (The topics and specific delivery method/product covered will be agreed-upon before the workshop.)

Contact Amy for further information.

*Travel is limited to the NYC Metro and Suffolk county areas.